Lauren was born on the 29th of July, 1999 in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lauren's entire life has been dedicated to the arts, and at a very young age she showed her passion for creating. She is constantly inspired by her travels as a kid and longs for the day that she gets to travel and paint the scenery that awed her as a child. Lauren tries to paint exclusively from life and finds great joy when she gets to know a subject or model through art. Lauren has been classically trained and has studied under artists such as Daniel Keys, Robert Lemler, Linda Pullinsi, and Susan Diehl. Lauren is working on a concurrent degree in Painting and Art Education at Arizona State University.

"I feel connected with my subject when I'm painting them from life, especially when I'm painting in nature. I don't think you can get any more intimate with God's beautiful creations than to be among them and honoring them with your own creative interpretation through paint."


Scottsdale, Arizona



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