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3 March 2020: Website Revisions, Works in Progress

Hello all,

It's been too long since I last updated my website. I have a new body of work that I'm creating simply titled, "Skin". Two works have been posted in my gallery, but I have many more on the way.

What is the purpose of my Skin project?

- to create paintings of people with varying skin types, colors, "abnormalities", and conditions.

- to uplift those people who may feel self conscious about their skin.

- to hear the stories of those people and tell it through my art.

- to help my subjects understand how all skin is beautiful.

- to help my audience understand how all skin is beautiful.

- to help me understand that my skin is beautiful.

The subjects that I have gathered are people I know directly or have been introduced to me indirectly through a friend or otherwise. The references I take are all my own; I don't paint from images off the internet to preserve authenticity. Plus, how can I personally interact with my subject if they're just a screen looking back at me?

The first two paintings I've done in my series are of myself. "Just Freckles" is my face while I was dealing with acne. The second, "Deltas", shows my stretch marks, which I think look like deltas in a river. The next painting, "Summer", will be a portrait of my best friend, Summer. Here is the work in progress.

Summer has varying scars on her face from an accident ten years ago. I have plenty of models lined up for the coming paintings, which I am very excited to share.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well! My semester is flying by, with spring break coming up next week. Hopefully I can get this painting done during that time!


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