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Palette Project 2019 and a New Blog!

Hello all!

Wix came up with a new blog app, so I think I'm going to use it for now on. What better way to start this new blog with a great story about this weekend!

Every year, Daniel Keys holds a free two day workshop for people 16-22 at Scottsdale Artist's School. I've gone to this workshop on and off for the past three or four years. Each year, I learn so much. This year, I had the privilege of meeting three other wonderful artists: Kenneth Yarus, Richie Carter, and Zac Elletson! They all helped us with our paintings and gave us some very valuable advice.

I also met fellow young artists Stephanie Paige Thompson and Kyle Ma who are both fantastic painters as well. Being with so many young painters like me was really refreshing. There really aren't that many painters like us where I live, so I am so thankful for their presence here.

The weekend kicked off with an orientation on Friday night. Tim Rees, Daniel, and Richie all demo'd with our model, Alejandro and answered any painting questions we had.

On Saturday, we painted some flowers and on Sunday, we painted a portrait! Both days started with a demo from Daniel where he answered questions and gave advice. I hung out with some of my peers at Legacy gallery and enjoyed watching them paint.

Rosemary & Co., Gamblin, and Raymar all were very gracious in lending us supplies for this weekend. It was just fantastic, as always.

You can find my portrait I did in my gallery under "oil paintings". While I like my still life I did, I feel it isn't quite good enough to show case, unfortunately.

I will be going to open studio tomorrow hopefully to paint another portrait and don't forget about my show on the 21st at Scottsdale Artist's School! Joseph Lorusso is doing a demo at Bonner David Galleries on the same night of my reception, so I will probably go see that as well.

Happy painting!




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